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Behind the Creation

InfoTech ID Nakul Kapdia

Nakul Kapadia

Nakul embarked on his IT journey as a consultant and administrator, swiftly evolving into a leadership role. His career includes serving as the Vice President of IT for a Pharmacy Benefit Manager startup, contributing significantly to its remarkable growth to $6 billion in annual revenue.


Witnessing the team grow from 2 IT professionals to over 100 within a decade, Nakul played a pivotal role in navigating multiple acquisitions, startup ventures, and transitions to private equity and the acquisition by Rite Aid.

Nakul is also the President and CIO of Vox Nova, a startup Specialty Benefit Manager for the Autism Community. His past role as a Technical Product Leader with Align 1 Solutions furthered his reputation as a visionary in the tech industry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Nakul is actively involved in the community, serving as a Board Member with Applewood Centers which helps families in need in the greater Cleveland area. His commitment to both technological innovation and community betterment reflects a leader whose impact extends far beyond the corporate landscape.

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The InfoTech ID


A venture crafted by two seasoned IT professionals.With a collective experience of over 40 years, our co-founders bring unparalleled expertise to the table.

One of us, with over two decades in IT leadership, has steered teams through the dynamic landscape of technology, growth and M&A. The other, boasting 20 years in IT solutions architecture and development, brings a wealth of expertise in crafting innovative solutions that foster efficiency and unlock new opportunities.

Driven by a passion for problem-solving, we thrive on finding and building better solutions to our own challenges.


Our dedication extends beyond personal endeavors; we've designed this platform with Information Technology professionals in mind, leveraging our insights from years of hands-on experience.

Our journey includes shaping a startup that soared to over 1,600 employees within a decade. During this transformative period, we navigated through countless resumes, collaborated with talent search agencies, and strategically engaged numerous IT professionals for our expanding teams.

At InfoTech ID our mission is clear – to empower Information Technology professionals with solutions born from real-world experiences.


Join us on this journey, built by IT professionals, for IT professionals.

InfoTech ID App Background
InfoTech ID App Background

The IT Resume Reimagined

Empowering both IT employers and professionals, our platform offers a distinctive experience. Unveil the potential with structured interactive resumes, featuring detailed skill sets and competency areas, complete with corresponding experience levels, meticulously searchable for precision beyond traditional keywords. Making your experience more precise and tailored to your expertise.

The IT Resume Reimagined

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Learn More and Get Answers:

Discover the power of InfoTech ID and find answers to

commonly asked questions in our FAQ section.


Behind the Creation

InfoTech ID Aaron Hutchings

Fascinated by technology since the age of 10, Aaron has a passion for learning to design and build new things.​  Started his career as a help-desk technician, he gradually ascended through the ranks, immersing himself in nearly all roles within the IT domain. This journey equipped him with an extensive and diverse knowledge base spanning corporate and personal technology integration, as well as project management.​

Notably, Aaron played a pivotal role in Nakul's initial team at a Pharmacy Benefit Manager startup, rising to Sr. Systems Architect and technical mind behind the scenes as it grew to over 1,600 employees.​

Aaron transitioned into software development, aspiring to craft games. However, he soon discovered that his understanding of corporate operations presented a unique opportunity. This fusion allowed him to seamlessly blend the aesthetics of gaming with business software, resulting in a more enjoyable user experience.​

Currently, Aaron serves as the technical powerhouse behind the development of InfoTech ID.

Aaron Hutchings

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