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InfoTech ID App Background

Our platform is meticulously crafted with the dual objectives of fostering talent engagement and team expansion right from its inception. Whether you're leveraging it to streamline your ability to handle requests for talent or taking full control to build, monitor, and oversee your organization's entire IT talent pool, our aim remains steadfast: providing you with exceptional tools tailored to ensure your success.

Advanced Search,
Collaboration, and Team
Building Platform

InfoTech ID App Background

 Easy to use interface for managing all aspects of team building and talent discovery.


Advanced talent request design, allows for precision searching,
one-click response and profile management.


Share and collaborate with our profile comparison and tagging dashboard.


Precision-focused profile search to pinpoint the exact skills and proficiency experience required.


Find talent on your own or utilize our professional services for a more hands-off experience.


Continued utilization within your team facilitates skill tracking, identifies at-risk skill sets and much more.


InfoTech ID App Background

Unlock the power and precision of our unique structured knowledge and skill search system, seamlessly integrated with our team features. Equip yourself with the tools to efficiently manage requests, search for talent and enhance your team's capabilities.

Highly Focused Talent 
Classification and Alignment

InfoTech ID App Background

Learn More and Get Answers:

Discover the power of InfoTech ID and find answers to

commonly asked questions in our FAQ section.

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