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Elevate your profile

Build your interactive Tech ID Profile to showcase your true technical skillset/experience and search for precisely targeted opportunities.

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Hyper-target your talent search

Initiate precision talent requests and easily compare the identified professionals to source the exact tech talent for consideration… quickly and efficiently.

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Create, manage, recruit, or join a team

Organize a wide range of tech teams to inventory member expertise, manage talent needs, build collaborative, ready-to-hire teams… and much more.

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Build Your Tech ID Profile

Goodbye to the static PDF.

Stand out and rise up with the interactive resume built for the digital age… finally.

Introduce All-of-You

This detail-rich interactive showcase captures the full range and depth of your tech knowledge, skillsets, experience, industry expertise, requirements, and interests… achieving a new level of precision that improves opportunity identification.

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Search Opportunities… and Get Found

With your fully built profile, you can:

Search for precisely targeted opportunities from organizations seeking talent like yours  

Be discovered by hiring organizations looking for your talent and experience

Easily share your profile with others via link or QR code

Easy to Build and Update

Using our dynamic and intuitive Profile Editor tool, your profile is easy to build now… and ready to enhance over time as you grow and acquire new skills, experience, and interests.

Together, these core InfoTechID features dramatically reduce the inefficiencies that too often plague the process and waste everyone’s time.  

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Find Talent Through the Power of Precision

Tech needs are constant, often predictable, and sometimes not.

Now there’s a better way to address them.

Hyper-Targeting Makes the Difference

When looking for efficiency and precision in identifying talent, post knowledge and skill-focused talent requests or initiate a hyper-targeted talent search.

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A Growing Roster for All Your Needs

InfoTech ID’s growing roster of tech talent possesses the precise experience and skillsets you need for full-time positions, short- or long-term projects, urgent needs, and anticipated organizational requirements.

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Simplify the Way You Compare

InfoTechID’s Comparison Dashboard simplifies your ability to cluster, annotate, and compare identified talent for collaborative decision-making.

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Organize Tech Teams

This unique feature enables businesses, organizations, and a range of other informal groups to build their own private tech Team within the platform — for a range of purposes.

Assess and Manage Internal Talent

Businesses and other organizations can easily assess their internal talent and skillsets, identify gaps, and better predict and prepare for future needs.

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Find Ready-to-Hire Teams

Groups of tech professionals with complementary skillsets can come together as an integrated, ready-to-go Team available for hire.

About Teams

Build Peer-to-Peer Networks

Teams is the perfect tool to enable a wide range of professionals to create peer-to-peer communities for everything from professional networking and collaboration to start-up team organization and project planning.

More Tools to Come

Over time, Teams will provide a range of project planning, management, and collaboration tools to facilitate efficient workflows.

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