Organize and recruit teams for many purposes
Create peer-to-peer teams for networking

Tech Is a Team Sport

Build complementary, ready-to-hire teams
Assess internal team expertise and manage talent needs

We know it because we’ve lived it: Tech requires carefully calibrated teamwork to plan, execute, and monitor critical functions, projects, and workflows.

InfoTechID was built with a rich feature set to organize, monitor and recruit teams — for a wide range of purposes, from internal tech department management to the formation of freelance tech teams ready to hire.

Whatever the use, Teams provides a deep line of sight into the structure and competencies of groups of tech professionals — again for purposes as wide-ranging as the organizations behind them.

If your business, organization, or startup deploys tech teams, we invite you to discover the power of the InfoTechID platform.

We’ve made it easy for Organizations to build Teams within InfoTechID:

  • Start by opening a free account to explore the platform.
  • Use your Google account to login instantly, or
  • Create your own login with your email and password.
  • Upgrade to a paid Teams or Organizations subscription.
  • Add your Organization, then start building your Team(s) within it.
Open an Organizational Account

After creating your Organization, you can create a Team — or multiple Teams —within it.

  • Based on your subscription, you can create up to 20 Teams.
  • This feature empowers businesses to build Teams for a range of business purposes: to track and assess tech capabilities across the enterprise, within a department, for special project planning, and more.  

After you’ve created your Organization and Team, it’s time to build.

  • First, invite prospective Team members to join InfoTechID and create their free Tech ID Profile.
  • Next, open their Profile and send them an invitation to join the relevant Team(s).
  • Now you’re ready to deploy our purpose-built oversight tools to unlock the full potential of your Team.

Use the power of InfoTechID to get a deep line of sight into tech Teams. By getting this clear view of your Team’s collective skills, knowledge, and expertise, you can:

  • Identify strengths and vulnerabilities if a team member leaves.
  • Reveal skills that are being underutilized or stretched too thin, as well as skill gaps that should be filled.
  • Set minimum skill thresholds for your Team and receive notifications when a required skill is vulnerable.
  • Identify and track subject matter experts in advance of needs.

InfoTechID’s Team feature is an evolving toolset to meet the needs of the tech community in a new way.

We invite your input and feature requests as we build it out. Join us!

Teams will provide a growing set of project management tools. Use it now to:

  • Quickly add high-level project tracking.
  • Track project data links (eg, Trello, Sharepoint) and identify members assigned to them and their roles.
  • And more to come.

There’s a growing demand to find integrated, complementary tech teams that are ready to hire as a unit — for a range of needs, from project-based staff augmentation to startup formation. InfoTechID’s Teams feature is the perfect place for tech professionals to come together, organize an offering, and get themselves in front of the tech community.

Coming soon, InfoTechID’s Advanced Search will enable organizations to identify ready-to-hire Teams that meet their specific requirements. Stay tuned!