Experience the Power of Precision

Hyper-target your search
Identify the most qualified candidates
Compare profiles in one view

Always challenging, the search for tech talent isn’t getting easier for businesses, organizations, hiring managers, and HR departments.

But can it be improved?


And it begins by reducing the inefficiencies that draw out the search process and waste valuable time… and by building a platform conceived and designed exclusively for the tech community.

We believe the pain points frequently result from a lack of precision:

Resumés don’t fully or accurately capture the depth of tech expertise.

Inconsistent presentation formats are all over the map, limiting easy comparison.

Existing job listings services don’t always align precisely with actual talent needs.

And then there’s cost. Lots of cost — both in the expense that has grown around finding talent and the wasted, time-consuming effort for all.

InfoTechID was built to address these challenges.

Create an account and put the power of precision to work for your organization.

We’ve made it easy for Organizations to explore InfoTechID:

  • Start with a free account to get a feel for the power of the platform, or
  • Upgrade to a paid Teams or Organizations subscription to unlock more great features.
  • Use your Google account to login instantly, or
  • Create your own login with your email and password.
Create Account

After creating your Organization account, you’re ready to put InfoTechID to work with a Talent Request.

  • Whether you’re looking to fill a full-time position, address an urgent gap, or find freelance help for a bug fix, an InfoTechID talent request gives you the ability to create a hyper-targeted search.
  • Your request can specify not only the primary experience and skillset required, but a deep dive into the level of expertise you’re looking for… and then the corresponding benefit of receiving profiles of only those candidates that meet your specifications.
  • The power of InfoTechID comes from this precision, where hyper-targeted talent requests meet richly detailed talent profiles.
  • We believe that when hirers and candidates have a clear, mutual understanding of the “must haves” for an opportunity, everybody is well served.

InfoTechID’s comparison dashboard simplifies your ability to view and compare multiple profiles on a single screen. This opens a range of efficiencies.

  • You can easily analyze the depth and range of candidates’ entire profile — including skills, knowledge, and job history — in a side-by-side comparison.
  • Your top prospects will emerge naturally — and quickly — through this visual comparison feature.
  • Then invite colleagues to the next step: collaborative decision-making.

Hiring decisions are collaborative. And often difficult. But they shouldn’t be cumbersome, with emails flying around with attached resumés. InfoTechID makes it all a lot easier.

Here’s how:

  • You can invite up to four decision-makers to join in candidate evaluation and view the comparison dashboard.
  • Each can add notes, comments, and indicate preferences for all to see.
  • Getting to consensus just got a whole lot better.

For Team Functions

To build a Team, you must first create an Organization. Here’s how it works:

  • Upgrade to a paid Teams and Organizations subscription.
  • Use the simple “Add Organization” feature to create the entity that your Team will be part of.

After creating your Organization, you can create a Team — or multiple Teams —within it.

  • Based on your subscription, you can create up to 20 Teams.
  • This feature empowers businesses to build Teams for a range of business purposes: to track and assess tech capabilities across the enterprise, within a department, for special project planning, and more.

After you’ve created your Organization and Team, it’s time to build.

  • First, invite prospective Team members to join InfoTechID and create their free Tech ID Profile.
  • Next, open their Profile and send them an invitation to join the relevant Team(s).
  • After members have joined, you can immediately begin using our purpose-built oversight tools to unlock the full potential of your Team.
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