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InfoTechId is built around you, the tech professional. Wherever you are in your career trajectory, you’ve worked hard to develop what we think of as your professional “fingerprint.”

You’re more than a flat list of jobs and titles. You’re unique.

There’s depth, specificity, and nuance to your skillset and accomplishments. So there should be a place where all of that comes fully to life, not only for hiring organizations to see, but to share with the larger tech community.

Now there is.

Introducing the
Tech ID Profile

The Tech ID Profile was designed to transform the way you showcase your talent/experience and connect to a full range of opportunity — full-time, part-time, freelance, project-based, open-source teams, colleague networks, and more. So get started by creating an account and exploring the possibilities.

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We’ve made it easy to test-drive InfoTechID:

  • Start with a free account to create your profile and get a feel for the power of the platform, or
  • Opt for the low $2.50-per-month subscription to unlock even more great features.
  • Use your Google account to login instantly, or
  • Create your own login with your email and password.
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We’ve made it easy to build your Tech ID Profile, the detail-rich interactive showcase to capture the full range and depth of your experience and capabilities.

  • Our Profile Editor tool takes you step-by-step through the building process, going far beyond your job history to capture with precision your knowledge, focus, and skillset.
  • The self-assessment of your level of knowledge and expertise is a key to the precision that defines InfoTechId and improves efficiency of the search and hiring process. We give you all the information you need to meaningfully self-assess and get you seen by the right potential hirers.

InfoTechID gives you the ability to fine-tune your search for potential opportunities.

  • Looking for a full-time position, or a freelance short-term project, or just a code review or bug-fix assignment? Now you can search our growing list of talent requests to identify the specific opportunities that meet your requirements.
  • With the Advanced search function, you can laser focus your search to ideally align with your skills, knowledge, level of expertise, and current focus.

InfoTechID speeds your ability to begin consideration for an opportunity you want to explore.

  • Once you identify the opportunity, it takes just one click to respond to the talent request to express your interest and share your profile.
  • After reviewing your profile, if the hirer wants to take the next step, all you have to do is confirm your approval and InfoTechID will share your contact information to connect you.  

Once you’ve built your Tech ID Profile, we know you’ll want the ability to share it with the world… or at least whoever you need to see it.

  • By upgrading to a paid plan, you can share your profile with anyone via a URL link or QR code.
  • To accommodate other formats organizations may require, InfoTechID gives you the ability to export an “import friendly” version of your profile as a traditional resumé. Save it as a PDF and attach it directly in an email, or print it out. Whatever you need, our goal is to make things easy.

Because we believe strongly that “tech is a team sport,” we’ve built a unique feature into InfoTechID to enable businesses, organizations, and a range of other informal groups to build their own private tech Team within the platform.

  • If you’re part of a business organization that has created a team, you can accept an invite from your team leader to utilize the platform to identify team skills, knowledge, and expertise; identify gaps; plan and manage projects; and more.
  • Tech professionals on the platform can also join together to organize collaborative peer-to-peer teams for multiple purposes — from networking and knowledge-sharing to startup planning to the creation of complementary ready-to-hire teams.
  • Like all teams, our Team function is a work in progress, with more features to come based on input we receive from you.